the little things....

where are my chill pills…oh yeah packed away…

like everything else I own at the moment besides my computer and bed and some random pieces of clothing. I’m starting to become overwhelmed with everything going on in my life and I just need a break from it all or an extra two days of not working two jobs so I can catch up on sleep, move into my house finally, spend quality time with my boyfriend and catch up on my tv shows…yeah if only….i just gotta tell myself it will all work out….please…





This is why you should have a cat y’all. Egyptians believed that cats repelled evil spirits.

Cats are evil spirits. They’re just the strongest so all others must bow to their greatness.

Actually according to legend, cats are guardians of the Underworld. So once you are dead if you try to sneak back into the land of the living they send you back where you came from. They protect the living from the dead.

If you ever wonder why a cat stares off into the wild blue yonder and then bolts off for “no reason…”

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